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Conditions of Enrolment

  1. Unfortunately, extenuating circumstances may result in the teacher being late or missing a lesson. In the event of the teacher running late from another lesson, the affected student's lesson will run late to ensure each student receives their full lesson time. In the event of teacher absence or illness, a make-up lesson will be organised.

  2. Lesson fees must be paid to reserve your lesson time. If fees are not paid by the required date, your place may be offered to another student on the wait list.

  3. Students must remain enrolled for the full school term. Cancellations mid-term are not allowed.

  4. Notice of at least 24 hours is required to cancel a lesson. No refunds will be given for cancelled lessons, however a make-up lesson may be organised depending on teacher availability if sufficient notice is provided. Make-up lessons cannot and will not be carried over between school terms.

  5. Notice of four lesson weeks from the student's final lesson is required to discontinue lessons at the end of term. If four lesson weeks' notice is not provided, four weeks' payment will be required.

  6. Booking a lesson time reserves that time for the student and prevents other students from booking that time. As a result, payment is still required for missed lessons. However, missed lessons may be rescheduled.

  7. Students are expected to regularly practice their instruments according to the amount of practice requested by the teacher.

  8.  The teacher may be contacted via email with any questions.

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